About me

Igor Barboi was born in Samara, Russia and started playing the accordion at the age of 7. He attended Music School, Conservatoire, and Music University in Samara gaining a degree in accordion and conducting. He is a student of Professor Alla Katz and won several competitions in Russia during his studies. In this period he also accompanied several other musicians and singers as well as playing solo and particularly went in for modern contemporary music. He was the solo player of jazz and folklore orchestras.

After moving to the Czech Republic in 1997 he played with composer Boris Gaglojev and together they participated in the international music festival Alternativa in Prague in 1998. Later he joined alternative rock – jazz band Spolčení Hlupců as well as starting work on his own projects. He was the solo player in North Czech Capella where he played together with musicians of Severočeská Filharmonie (the Philharmonic Orchestra of the North Bohemia).

He also participated in the project of Valašský lidový orchestr (the Folklore Orchestra of Moravia). In 2015 he accompanied the quartet of accordion, violoncello, violin and guitar in operetta Wiener Walzer Nacht. Cooperates with a Už Jsme Doma band and participates in the project Krysáci (theatre performance with rock music for children). 

In 2013 I founded Igor Barboi Trio (accordion, violoncello and guitar) with group members Igor Barboi, Vojtěch Čermák and Martin Herbst.

Originally we performed Latin music and Jazz standards, from the year 2017 on we changed our repertoire to include Brazilian popular music style Choro, Forró and MPB.

In 2018 “Igor Barboi Trio” recorded CD “INGENUO”.

In October 2018, 2019 and 2022 he attended IV, V and VIII Encontro Internacional de Acordeons do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), March 2019 - 17 Festival National y Sudamericano del Acordeon in San Jorge (Argentina), Novembre 2019 - I Festival International de Acordeon in Santiago de Chile.

In 2020 he created “BEBE TRIO”, consisting of: Alexander Shonert (violin), Petr Špaček (violoncello) and Igor Barboi (accordion). The repertoire consists of different genres – tango, classical music, modern music, jazz, bossa nova, soundtracks from movies and computer games.

In 2022, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), he recorded the CD "Despretensioso" in the style of Samba-Choro. The album is composed of works by the composer and mandolin player Joao Silva, with the participation of Brazilian musicians: Luis Henrique Faria (Paulista) – cavaquinho; Carlinhos de Castro – pandeiro; Rubens Leite – bass guitar.

In 2023, he recorded a CD with works by the Brazilian composer Morais do Acordeon.

Member of jury of the qualifying round the 1st International Igor Zavadsky Accordion competition - festival in 2024 - Kyiv, Ukraine